Welcome to the Lamp Spectral Data Base for Domestic and Public use

This spectral data base includes several types of artificial lighting: public, domestic and light therapy. It contains data such as : Lamp Spectral Power Distribution (see data sheet), amount of blue in the spectrum of the lamp (%Blue), the correlated color temperature (CCT), the lumens / watt (Lum / W) and 3 new indices to characterize lamp spectrum : Melatonin Suppression Index (MSI), Star Light index (SLI) and Induced photosynthesis Index (IPI).

This bank is constantly growing…

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Where do the indices come from?

MSI, IPI & SLI indices were defined in a paper by Martin Aubé, Johanne Roby and Miroslav Kocifaj in 2013. To learn more about these indices, have a look at the article.

See the article on PLOS ONE

Open Office spreadsheets to calculate Spectral Indices and %blue

Download the .xls file used to calculate the indices